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  Basic information about volumetric doser equipment
 Gravimetric blender,volumetric doser
product name:volumetric doser
Product number:volumetric doser-001
Product brand:Hengju
Unit of measurement:kg(Non-standard, can be customized)
Commodity weight:customizable
Manufacturer: Dongguan Hengju Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Application:volumetric doser
Volume meters are used to weigh granules or powders to match production equipment with precise raw material composition. It can weigh and measure various color masterbatches at the same time, so that the products produced contain more raw material standards.
Alias:volumetric doser,masterbatch feeder,volumetric dosing,masterbatch doser,screw doser,color feeder,color doser,color masterbatch doser,plastic color doser,plastic extrusion color feeders
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  About the introduction of volumetric doser equipment

Principle of volumetric doser

Input the color masterbatch or plastic raw materials into the hopper of the volumetric doser, and then set the parameters, and set the feeding parameters of each color masterbatch to perform automatic weighing. After weighing, the hopper discharge valve automatically opens, and the raw materials enter the mixing tank after weighing. Stir
1. Using DC brushless motor, no maintenance, with screw material jam, voltage undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, and wire break protection to ensure continuous and normal operation of the machine;
2. The controller has the permanent memory and storage function of 50 groups of data, which is convenient for managing the molding conditions and formulas;

3. It can meet the dry contact and voltage of the injection molding machine, the extruder 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20MA, 0-20MA, frequency, digital and other signal input, covering almost all plasticization signals of plastic molding equipment ( Need to inform the signal type in advance);

4. Modular assembly structure, convenient disassembly and assembly, and quick replacement of materials;
volumetric doser,masterbatch feeder,volumetric dosing,masterbatch doser,screw doser,color feeder,color doser,color,masterbatch doser,plastic color doser,plastic extrusion color feeders
5. Optional material level detection sensor, alarm for lack of material;

6. Optional mixing base to ensure uniform mixing of materials;

7. It can be synchronized with the main screw of the extruder (calender) to accelerate and decelerate;

8. The unique compensation optimization concept of the controller ensures that the measurement of additives is always accurate;

9. Offline simulation function, in the process of equipment debugging, you can quickly adjust the additives to the ideal weight, reduce the material loss during the debugging process, and greatly reduce the manpower and material consumption during the refueling and debugging;

10. It can be used with the special mode of chemical fiber monofilament and filament spinning equipment, which can ensure that the speed of each melt metering pump of the spinning equipment can be adjusted at will and always ensure the addition of high stability additives;

11. The special controller with extended functions can be equipped with a weighing control module to realize the digital control of the proportion of added materials and to ensure the accuracy of measurement to a greater extent;

12. The reinforced mounting base with optimized and improved design of the blanking mechanism ensures that the large amount of masterbatch can be used normally, even if it is a large amount of recycled materials, it can also be adapted.
model Monochromatic volumetric doser Two-color volumetric doser
CM30-24 CM30-20 CM30-16 CM30-12 CM50-20 CM-D30/30 CM-D30/50 CM-D50/50
Motor power(W) 50 50 50 50 50 50*2 50*2 50*2
Motor speed(rpm) 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000 3000
Stirring power(W) 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Screw model 24 20 16 12 20 * * *
Output(kg/h) 1.4-50 0.9-40.3 0.3-12.3 0.1-3.8 0.2-24 ** ** **
Storage hopper(L) 12 12 12 12 12 12*2 12*2 12*2
Reduction ratio 30 30 30 30 50 30/30 30/50 50/50
H(mm) 520 520 520 520 520 615 615 615
W(mm) 610 610 610 610 610 1045 1045 1045
D(mm) 335 335 335 335 335 335 335 335
net weight(kg) 15 15 15 15 15 33 33 33
1) * indicates that the output size is determined according to the model selected by the customer, please refer to the data of the monochrome machine;
2) ** means the outer diameter of the screw depends on the customer's selection;
3) The single color machine is equipped with a stirrer, and "MS" is added to the back of the model;
4) The output of the above models is based on the data of the color master particles with a specific gravity of 1.2 and a diameter of 2~3mm in a continuous operation mode as the test standard;
5) The voltage specification of the machine is: 1Φ, 220V, 50HZ.

Alias:volumetric doser,masterbatch feeder,volumetric dosing,masterbatch doser,screw doser,color feeder,color doser,color masterbatch doser,plastic color doser,plastic extrusion color feeders

Application of volumetric doser

The metering masterbatch machine is suitable for the automatic proportional mixing of new materials, secondary materials, masterbatch or additives, and the error value is not higher than ±1%.
At present, the standard model of masterbatch mixer cannot be used for the treatment of all kinds of plastic powder masterbatch and the treatment of all kinds of food, chemicals, flammable, explosive and volatile materials. If the customer's product is the optical industry product, such as PC, PMMA, etc., the standard masterbatch machine model cannot be selected, and the part in contact with the raw material needs special treatment, such as the use of food-grade materials, polishing treatment, etc.
volumetric doser
It is suitable for automatic proportional metering and feeding of new and inferior materials, color masterbatches or additives in plastic molding production. This series of models uses precision DC brushless motors. According to the pre-set addition ratio and parameters, the all-digital microcomputer control system automatically converts the set conditions into rotational speed, and drives the stainless steel 304 precision metering screw through the coupling to the injection molding machine or extrusion (calendering) The material that needs to be added is spit out from the plastic cylinder. There are also two-color, three-color and four-color masterbatch machines, which can be matched according to user needs to meet the use of different occasions and different fields.
It can mix 1 kind of pellet, 2 kinds of granules, 3 kinds of color masterbatches granules, 4 kinds of resin particles, 5 kinds of plastic pellets, 6 kinds of powders, 7 kinds of color masterbatches, and more plastic granules. For example: POM, ABS, TPE, PAL, ABS, CAB, EVA (2), EVOH, LM (4), LCP, PA11, PA6.46.6, PAI, PAR, PBT, PC,PC/ABS,PC/PBT,PE.HDEPE,LDPE black3%,PE.HDEPE.LDPE black40%,PEEK,PE(1), PEN,PES,PET,PETG,PI,PMMA,POM,PP,PPO,PPS,PS,[GPPS.EPS.HIPS],PSU,PIT,PUR, PVC, SAN, SB, TPE, TPE, TPO, TPU, and other plastic granular resin materials or powder color masterbatches

Operation Guide for volumetric doser

This machine is installed in equipment that requires weighing and mixing. The weighing time and weight should be set on the equipment to control the weighing and feeding speed.