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  Basic information about Batch blender equipment
 Gravimetric blender,Batch blender
product name:Batch blender
Product number:Batch blender-001
Product brand:Hengju
Unit of measurement:kg(Non-standard, can be customized)
Commodity weight:customizable
Manufacturer: Dongguan Hengju Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
Alias:gravimetric blender
[Gravimetric blender]
  About the introduction of Batch blender equipment

Principle of Batch blender

Input the color masterbatch or plastic raw materials into the hopper of the Batch blender, and then set the parameters, and set the feeding parameters of each color masterbatch to perform automatic weighing. After weighing, the hopper discharge valve automatically opens, and the raw materials enter the mixing tank after weighing. Stir
1) Modular and detachable structure design, with sight window and quick-cleaning door, saving space and easy to clean
2) Imported special weighing control system is adopted to ensure reliable performance and easy maintenance.
3) The use of advanced adaptive algorithm, independent optimization, adjustment, compensation with vibration suppression, control function to ensure the best batching accuracy
4) Up to six raw materials can be processed simultaneously
5) Color graphic display, touch screen operation interface
6) With formula storage function, up to 20 groups of formulas can be stored
7) Hierarchical security password control and alarm history record function
8) With stroboscopic alarm sound and light alarm

Application of Batch blender

It can mix 1 kind of pellet, 2 kinds of granules, 3 kinds of color masterbatches granules, 4 kinds of resin particles, 5 kinds of plastic pellets, 6 kinds of powders, 7 kinds of color masterbatches, and more plastic granules. For example: POM, ABS, TPE, PAL, ABS, CAB, EVA (2), EVOH, LM (4), LCP, PA11, PA6.46.6, PAI, PAR, PBT, PC,PC/ABS,PC/PBT,PE.HDEPE,LDPE black3%,PE.HDEPE.LDPE black40%,PEEK,PE(1), PEN,PES,PET,PETG,PI,PMMA,POM,PP,PPO,PPS,PS,[GPPS.EPS.HIPS],PSU,PIT,PUR, PVC, SAN, SB, TPE, TPE, TPO, TPU, and other plastic granular resin materials or powder color masterbatches

Operation Guide for Batch blender

Use of Gravimetic batch blender:
The weighing mixer is suitable for plastic injection, extrusion or hollow molding processes where a variety of raw materials need to be mixed by weight. This series of products is equipped with a microcomputer control system, and has an automatic compensation function. It can be automatically calibrated every time it is turned on with accurate accuracy and easy to learn and convenient operation. This series of products uses precision electronic scales to make the machine accurate. Choose the models according to the types of raw materials that need to be processed. This series of products is divided into seventeen models, and the hourly processing capacity is SGB-50KG, 100KG, 200KG, 300KG, 400KG, 500KG, 600KG, 700KG, 800KG, 900KG, 1000KG, 1200KG, 1500KG, 2000KG, 2500KG, 3000KG;
Operation matters of weighing mixer
1. First plug in the power, then turn on the switch, the machine will start.
2. If the weighing type mixing machine is not in the position you need, then you need to jog until the discharge port stops at your desired position.
3. Before starting the machine, check whether the electrical appliances are normal and whether the cover of the mixing cylinder is tightly closed.
4. The controller is equipped with a standard USB2.0 interface, which can save the mixing ratio data to the U disk, which is convenient for production quality control.
5. Volume mixing metering mode increases the batching capacity; it has the function of formula storage, which can store more than 100 groups of formulas at most; the function of hierarchical security code control and alarm history